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Our company, which was the pioneer of innovations in feed sector in Turkey, started to compete in the global market with big manufacturers in the world in a short time thanks to this vision. Understanding that the most effective and important way of achieving competence and to have a word in this global environment improving science and technology. Therefore, we wanted to add innovation-oriented R & D activities to the scope of the YEMTAR and Balıkesir's second, Bandırma's first licensed R & D center was launched in Feb. 2017 and it started its activities which is the First R&D center in TURKEY in feed milling.

Our basic function became innovation with the R&D center

YEMTAR R & D Center was certified by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology as R & D Center on February 3, 2017 with the law numbered 5746. There are a total of 21 personnel, including 10 researchers, 9 technicians and 2 support staff, in 185 sub-areas where only R & D activities are carried out. In this scope, more than 500 different designs, 100 plant projects, patented original designs and many publicly supported projects (TÜBİTAK, KOSGEB, TEYDEB) are gathered under the roof of R & D Center and new projects are being offered with an innovative view. In addition to these processes, in order to be able to gain a leading position in R & D and innovation areas and to be stronger, different collaborations are being realized and consulting services are being carried out in order to develop technology and to set up innovation oriented projects with public, academia and private sector organizations. We are aiming to make rapid progress by starting the R & D activities and realizing this transformation which means an important turning point in the life cycle of our company, and then coming to a much stronger position with the driving force of the internal dynamics. In order to maintain our strong position in the market, we believe in the vital importance of technological innovation and rapid reactions. To this end, we regard our R & D activities as the main pipeline of our activities and aim to achieve competitive advantage both nationally and internationally by supporting our production with the strength of R&D.